Who’s Following You?

BizLynks Consulting Group BlogIn the age of social media: blogging, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, most people are in a mad dash to increase the number of subscribers, likes, followers, and connections to their accounts. Oh, don’t forget to join my email list. (Seriously, please join my email list at www.bizlynks.com.) This has become the measured value of today’s social media currency. If your numbers are not large enough, your invitations to engage may not be accepted because enough eyes won’t be on their comment, their like, their post, even their Ad. The real question that should be asked is, “WHO is following you?” How many people are following you should not be the focal point. WHO is in your community is the most valuable question.

Authors who blog or engage on other media platforms, don’t get discouraged because you have 75 or even 25 subscribers. For those of you who may have 200, but are miffed because the magical 1,000 continues to elude you, remember, the magic is not in the number, but in the engagement. The magic is in the knowledge of WHO the 25 are and knowing that they want to engage with your content. The numbers will grow as they share and support your content with people like themselves, your ideal followers.

I would much rather have 200 engaged connections who are purchasing my books, providing referrals, and who’s digital likes become off-line long-term relationships than have 1000 connections who only click a link because it says “like” but never truly engage.
The value of your followers will increase exponentially when the followers are those WHO truly engage with you. The inverse is also true. I encourage you to consider the quality of your subscribers, likes, followers, and connections; WHO they are rather than how many there are. Get to know them. Engage them. This will bring you the value you truly seek.

Originally written for and published at Write Your Life’s Book Your Success Blog.


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