BTV Expands Reach

BizLynks TV (BTV) Network has an audience reach in excess of 8 million, with the addition of collaborative distribution platforms such as the Intellectual Exchange Group, HerTube Network and Roku. It continuously increases its local, national and international reach through its network collaborators, distribution platforms and social media followers who add the shows to their networks. Link over to www.BizLynks.TV for on-demand episodes.

Marketing Toolkit

Many small businesses and organizations find themselves seeking the right strategies to make their marketing efforts as effective as possible. But with so many different tools and products in the marketplace, they often get overwhelmed. Constant Contact's new Toolkit provides you with all of the features you need in One place with ONE login. The Essentials plan offers the full Toolkit, including Plus Campaigns with landing pages & detailed tracking. Get started today!

Ask the Digital Diva

R. Pamela Adams Alexander is a technology strategist, trainer, speaker, author and the Executive Producer of BizLynks TV. Explaining the technical to the “technically-challenged” is what she does best. If you have a question about how to increase your productivity with technology, submit it to Your question may be featured on the upcoming show, "Ask The Digital Diva." In the meantime, visit our Events page for upcoming workshops.